Using the Clipboard to Capture Reports

GS-Base is a fantastic product. There is no personal database product in the Windows world with its power, flexibility, and ease of use. And GS-Base is constantly and incrementally improved by Citadel5. The most recent improvement, the ability to copy Pivot Table output to the Clipboard, was excellent. I recommend the same capability be offered to the printed output of Tables and Forms. Nothing flashy. Just use the same TAB separation as Pivot tables, except the first record for Tables would contain the field names and the first column for Forms would contain the field names as well. Clipboard reporting provides the user with great flexibility to place filtered or unfiltered output of all or selected fields to other products, such as word processing software.

  • Pete

Thanks. Some additional record copying options would certainly be helpful, especially regading the form layout.
Probably not in the upcoming update, but such new features might implemented in the next one.