Truncating characters

I’m wanting to truncate words in a field to 10-15 letters from the left. I’ve tried making a new field (field4) and using a field property like =text(field2,10) to set the left most characters in field2 to the first 10 characters and place them in field4. This results in nothing. I’ve tried other methods but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions. Thanks!

This should be:
=left(field2, 10)

In general, the simplest method would be the following:

  1. Right-click field2 (or some other field if you don’t want to perform the conversion in-place) and choose “Field Properties”.
  2. Enter the formula.
  3. Press F9 (= “Tools > Update All Calculated Fields”).
  4. Remove the formula (if you don’t need it any longer).

To browse all available text formulas, in the “Field Properties” dialog click “Formulas >”, then choose “Category > Text”.

Thanks, I was neglecting to update the fields. It works fine now.