sort list using headers

I cannot see how to sort a list of names where the first row is a header row… Is this possible?
Thanks Richard

You can sort any selected range of cells within a worksheet using up to 10 sort keys. Do you mean something else? If you mean a (drop-down) input list (like these: ), you just need to check the “Sort list items” option for that given list (in the “Insert > Drop-down lists” dialog box).

I don’t see how that suggestion (drop down list) addresses my question.

I see that, on choosing “sort cell range” there are up to 10 options. However the only option I see for “sort key” is to choose the columns by their letter (ie. column A, or B, or whatever).

It is a common situation to have the first row of a range to contain names for the objects in each individual column. This is called a ‘header’ row. This is shown in your example. Then, in Excel, one has the option to choose the header row to contain the items to be sorted by: ie. rather than choosing the Sort Key to be “A”, one would choose the sort key to be ‘customerID’, and so on. Sorting by the key “A” would lose the header row, and the item containing the text ‘customerID’ would be lost somewhere in the middle of the list…

From what I can see now, the description of the “Sort” command has probably been omitted in the Help file. The online Help should be updated soon.

It’s like I wrote, you can sort any range. One just has to select the area to be sorted. Please see the screen shot below showing sorting of the part the “customer” table from the included “sample.gsc” file. The range was sorted by the single “contactname” key. Clicking “sort” doesn’t close the dialog box so you can try out various sort key / range combinations whenever it’s necessary.

If you mean something else, please let me know.