Some suggested features.

Great program. It is extremely functional and responds instantaneous.

I do have a couple of requests.

First, I would like to be able to rearrange the order of the tables in the list used to change between tables (at the bottom of the screen).

Second, I would like to be able to drag and drop a file into the file field as a shortcut as opposed to the file itself and drag a short cut into a text field (with hyper link style).

Third, I would like the ability to be colorful (text colors and background colors).

Very good job. The best $20 I have spent.

Thanks. I think there won’t be any problems with adding at least the first two things in the nearest maintenance update.
Re: links, to follow the convention, it’d require pressing Ctrl + Shift. Perhaps the additional “Insert Link” command will be available as well.
As for coloring records, it’s on the todo list though that nearest maintenance update might be too near in this case - I’m not sure at the moment.

Thanks. I have a question about the functioning of the program.

I have used other programs in the past that bogged down something terrible after a large number of internal file “attachments”.

This is one of the reasons I generally use shortcuts and leave the files outside the program database file (which has its own problems such as broken links).

Is this program set up with the attached files stored in RAM when the database is loaded (inevitably leading to a file size too large for the system to handle efficiently) or does the program leave the attachments on disk (in the TX2 file?) and only bring them into RAM when the attached file is requested by the user?

I have always had difficulty deciding on whether to load files internal to the program or use shortcuts. The main disadvantages to loading the files internally is that the programs often bog down and you cannot use “search programs” such as DT Search on the files. Also, if the database is corrupted, you have can have a major problem, and if you are synchronizing between multiple computers, you have to copy all the files with every synchronization not just the files that have changed. The main problem with links of course is broken links (when you get a new computer you have to set up the file structure the same especially if links aren’t relative).

I think shortcuts have worked best for me over the years although not perfectly but I am interested in knowing whether files can be loaded into this database in mass without destruction of performance.

Those *.tx2 files are plain text files containing “raw” (without any other added information) text or inserted file data - just base64 encoded data preceded by plain content/mime headers
(same as e-mail attachments).

GS-Base never loads the entire *.tx2 file into RAM. When browsing records, only the contents of the current binary field of the current record are loaded into memory. If you modify such binary fields or add new records, the new data will be cached in memory until you use the “Save” command.

Save keeping everything in one relatively portable “piece”, another advantage will be additional search options.
The possible disadvantage is that you must use the “Compact” command from time to time as edited/new binary contents are always added at the end of those text files, leaving the previously occupied spaced unused.