regex functions

Hello, I’m searching if there are some regex functions available.

I have found some, like the find, that gives me the position:

=find(“\d+”; “hello123world”; 1; SEARCH::RegEx)

but, is there some equivalent to Match that returns 123?

=RegexMatch(“\d+”; “hello123world”; 1; SEARCH::RegEx)

Result 123

I think you would need to use the find() function twice, using the new starting position in the 2nd instance/call and e.g. “\D”. Then mid().
(That is, of course, unless the number of digits is fixed and you can use the mid() at once.)

After giving it some thought: it seems that for the regex pattern matching it might be useful to add another SEARCH:: flag to return the found pattern itself (to make it easier to identify the found substring). It should be added in the nearest update.