Printing- letter format

The print letter format does not print correctly. Bold fonts are not printed or saved correctly.

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It seems everything is ok. Perhaps you mean the font used to format the field in the table/view?
In the “letter” print mode all the used fonts and formatting are determined by the *.rtf letter file itself so - for example - to print the contact name in bold, you need to set the bold font for the {ContactName} text in the letter.

I’ve tried both versions [8.4] + beta9 on two separate computers with the same effect- the style format is lost when the rtf is saved. Opening the rtf in an ordinary WP shows that the file wasn’t saved properly.

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Further, if the created letter is formated and printed or priviewed then the format is lost, even before saving the rtf file.

Ok, I can see this now. It happens if you select the “Settings > Options > Use plain text in memo fields” option.
In that case - of course - it’s a bug because that option should refer to removing the rtf formatting from regular database “Long Text”/Memo fields only.
The update fixing this (9.2.6) should be available tomorrow or on Thursday.