Page Templates

Please could you explain the use of this feature as I have not been able to intuitively save a table layout and use it to create a new table and the help file doesnot appear to cover it.


Each page template you create is just a snapshot of all your current
printer/page/printing settings (including printing modes: letter forms, labels etc.).

Page templates are stored as global application data in the settings.xml file
in the “…\Document and setttings\user.…\Application Data\GS-Base” folder
or in the installation folder if the portable setup was used.

Each saved/created template can be applied to any database table at any moment,
making it easier to switch among e.g. different printers, ready to be used
labels/margins/footers combinations and so on.

(That is, it’s not the same as the “View > Pane Layout Templates” function in GS-Calc.)

I get it now. Suppose the same is for ‘profiles’?
Anyway, what I was really looking for is a template function for setting/remembering the field layout of a table, so I could load a fresh tables with an identical structure. Cann’t seem to find it if it exists. Sorry for the hassle. I’m on a relearning curve, as I used to use GS base years ago extensively, but drifted away when you radically altered it.

Kind regards

If adding such specific tables is a repetitive task you may group them in some (e.g. empty) “template” database and use the “Database > Add Table > Import from file” command.

Also, the upcoming 9.0 (despite the previous announcement there is going to be a few days delay in updating GS-Base files due to testing) shows all fields in a form of a tree in one window so you can re-arrange or copy fields drag-and-droping them, which should be much easier than in 8.2.