Option to edit image files in user specified App

Not sure if there is a simple method to define the image editing default app within GS-Base. Other than MS Paint.

It’s just the default file association defined in Windows. To change it, click a given file type and choose “Properties”.

Thanks, I tried that 1st up and it doesn’t work in W7. In fact I’ve spent several hours trying to find a solution to this without success hence the query about a direct GS base “open image with” option… Even tried to remove “MSpaint” without success.

Unfornately this app didn’t work

Default Programs Editor makes it easy to fix file association settings in Windows, including context menu items, icons, and descriptions. Also: autoplay settings and default programs settings …all without fiddling around in the registry.


“Note: The programs on the Open With or Recommended Programs list for each file type are independent of that file’s registered or default associated program(s). Thus, deleting or removing a program from Open With list does not unassociate file type with its default program, nor affect the ability to automatically open the file in its default program when double click or click on Open command while right click. However, deletion of some registry keys does remove program’s default definition of file types and extensions it can handle at Default Programs…”

“There is no easy way or option to directly remove or delete an associated Open With recommended programs in Windows OS. Instead, Open With listing is registered on per file type (file extension) basis. And, there are many locations in system registry that the Open With programs list are defined, or populated from. So, in order to remove or clear Open With menu program entries, end-user has to check each and every possible registry keys for the registry key for the corresponding program, and delete its registry value data away.”

GS-Base uses two Windows verbs (actions) for the “Open In External App…” command: first the Windows system “edit” verb then - if it fails - the “open” verb.
Unfortunately, I took it for granted that the execution order was opposite in latest GS-Base versions. Sorry about the confusion.

Anyway, if you redefine (in Windows) some file association you’re changing the system “open” verb only, leaving the “edit” action intact (obviously unless you edit registry manually), thus it didn’t work for you. The next update was to be released in several days so some solution to this should be now included as well.

Very much appreciated if you have some time to look at this in a future update. Thank you.

Hello Jarek, the extra option to “Open In External Application” in V15.9 is now allowing me to open, edit and save to the specified “temp” folder and replace the existing image. All good, hope this may assist others users as well. Thank you Jarek, much appreciated. Glen.