Kudos to GS-Base Support

I purchased a copy of GS-Base 6.0 in 2005. Since then I have moved and changed ISP’s. I must have been a registered user, but it would have been under my old email address and I have no idea what my password would have been.

Yesterday, 10 March 2011, my GS-Base quit working. Although I’ve only been using it for 6 years, I have almost 20 years of both personal and business data stored in its files. A significant loss! I tried everything I could think of including a re-install from the original purchase. No luck. The only thing that worked was when I reset the date on my computer to 9 March 2011. Apparently it was designed to retire as of 10 Mar 11 (I should be so lucky :smiley: ).

Finally, not being able to find JPS Development, the OEM that I originally purchesed the program from, I sent an email to Citadel5 describing my problem.

WOW! Within an hour, I had received a response with a suggested fix. Not only that, the fix worked and I’m back in business.

To be honest, after 6 years and no confirmation as a registered user, I didn’t hold out much hope that they would even bother with my problem, let alone get back so quickly with a valid fix. This is a company that believes in and provides customer service, which is something that is sorely lacking in this day and age.

I just thought everyone should know that not only is this a decent program, but that Citadel5 stands behind it and provides exceptional support to its customers.

Thanks Gunplumber!