Invalid local time settings

My GS-Base v. 6.0 became corrupted during a computer crash. I un-installed and re-installed it. The program opens normally, but when I try to read in a .gsb file, I get the message “Invalid local time settings.” When I hit the OK button, the program closes immediately. Help.


That older 6.0 version uses something called “registration data blocks”. In this case you have to re-install that data. The new reg. data block was already PM’ed to you a few moments ago.

In my company, we are also using GS-Base 6.0, and I have exactly same issue on one of machines. Could you point me, where can I find mentioned reg. data ?

I will appreciate your help.


Your new reg. data block was PM’ed to you an hour ago. If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.