Install folder question

I read GS-Calc (32bit Ver 16.x) installs to a another folder by default and not the usual Program Files. Is this something to do with Win10 now not allowing edits to files within that folder and GS-Calc doesn’t function well going the route of the C:\Users\MyUser\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ or is it some other reason.

The initial installation path is what Windows (7/10) recommends for installing user’s programs. You can change it to any non-system location provided you’re currently logged as a user having full write access to that location (for example, you can’t choose another user’s private data folders).
If you’re not sure you can always test it using the File Explorer to create some folder in the location.

Ok thanks, that’sinteresting though that even with the recommendation I’ve only run across one other app besides yours that chose to do this. And their reason was they needed to edit their dictionaries and the Program files were problematic with the aforesaid virtual folder (MS solution to attribute settings of Win10 Program files).
Literally all of my other programs on my Win10 machine are installed in to the Program files folder(s)

For security reasons it’s always better not to install (and use) any software using admin rights if it doesn’t require such rights. GS-Calc and GS-Base follow the per-account installation procedure and their setups initially display the path that the system suggests for the current user’s program files.
However, I understand that it the setup is already started with such admin rights then the user’s intention is probably to use the “program files” folder leaving only individual settings in the local AppData folders, so that will be modified in the next update to display that “program files” folder at once.