gsc format

Hi, could you share gsc format specs.

To achieve the best performance (which means many times smaller files loaded many times faster than in the Excel xlsx or OpenDocument *.ods formats for the same data), the *.gsc file format needs to be relatively complex and requires an active use of some non-trivial spreadsheet parsing functions when saving and loading files.
These features will save time and money in your business, but if you want to exchange data with other programs it might be more convenient to use the OpenDocument *.ods, Excel *.xml (and probably soon *.xlsx) formats or for tabular data csv, xls, xbase. All those files are edited “in-place” so there is even no need for conversions.

On the other hand, you can create/populate/edit/save/load *.gsc files via the COM interface functions which is the best and the easiest option. It’s like using a merely 7MB library (that can be also placed on a usb pen-drive) in your own software projects.