GS-Calc 9.4 has been released

GS-Calc 9.4 is available for downloading.

New features and changes:

[+] The match(), vlookup() and hlookup() functions now accept negative values of the “startFrom” and “occurrence” parameters. The positive “startFrom” parameter denotes the start search cell and the negative value denotes the end/stop cell. The negative “occurrence” parameter triggers bottom-up searches.

[+] Examples of the match(), vlookup() and hlookup() functions using the SEARCH::AutoSort (used to perform fast searches for unsorted data) flag are now included in the sample.ods file.

Bug fixes:

[+] Crashing when pasting after copying data with the “Edit > Advanced Copy Options > Copy & Transpose / Reverse” commands.

[+] A bug concerning exporting files in the Excel XML format (preventing some Excel versions from opening them).

[+] The optional “extended-parameter” syntax was not available for the hLookUp() function.

[+] The SEARCH::AutoSort flag was not available for the vLookUp() function despite the help file stating otherwise.

[+] The “percentage” style behavior was inconsistent with the remaining styles. (It was reset when after entering a number in the default/general format.)

[+] A minor bug concerning displaying frames.