GS Calc 9.2.4 Crashing

On a spreadsheet with several worksheets, various formulas and formatting. I am experiencing a problem that after, say, an hour working on the spreadsheet, I will enter data (text or number) and press return or an arrow key and the application completely crashes, Upon reloading the application GS Calc has lost all custom data styles, colours etc. that I have created and the file is not listed in the recent files menu entry.

I have not been able to replicate any particular steps prior to this happening but think that it may be related to a copy and paste operation, and then subsequent data entry will crash the application.

If I reload the spreadsheet and perform the same steps the application will again crash but not always at the same point.

Scratching my head over this and would appreciate advice as it is becoming very annoying.


Further Information.

To ensure the issue was not caused by residual data I reduced the undo level to 2, and then on each worksheet selected the row after the last row of data to row 12582911 and removed rows, then selected the column after the last column of data to column FAN and removed columns.

I saved the spreadsheet using save as and closed GS Calc. Started GS Calc opening the problematic spreadsheet and unfortunately it still eventually crashed when using copy and paste of a small region of the spreadsheet which included data and formatting.

The spreadsheet concerned is 45,056 bytes, with around 10 worksheets and 2 folders, operating system Windows 7.

I might have solved this, the spreadsheet had been edited in Libreoffice and merged cells created for presentation purposes. GS Calc doesn’t support merged cells so I selected Left Alignment for the cells that had previously been merged in Libreoffice. Now, don’t know if its a coincidence, but the spreadsheet has not crashed all morning.

It would be very helpful if you could create (in Libreoffice?) some small (if it’s possible), sample file that (no matter when exactly, but still) crashes and e-mail such a file to citadel5.

Just emailed the spreadsheet, thanks

It’s been fixed:
Thanks for reporting this issue.