GS-Calc 9.0 has been released

New features and changes:

[+] Workbooks are now updated/recalculated several (and more) times faster.

[+] New Match(), vLookUp() and hLookUp() function can optionally use more advanced
flags/options aside from the standard 1,0,-1. Depending of those options the functions
can perform linear and binary (tens/hundreds of times faster) searches, use specific
sort options, string comparisons funcions, pattern matching etc.

[+] GS-Calc 9.0 offers pivot tables as pivotData() array formulas. Using a new
“Insert > Pivot Table Formula” dialog box it’s easy to enter even the most complex
pivotData() formulas.

[+] New formatting tools/windows.

[+] Bug fixes and other minor improvements and changes.