GS-Calc 8.3.0 has been released.

New features and changes:

[+] A new “Options > Settings > Cell Text Overflow” option that enables you to control whether and how text strings exceeding cell widths should be displayed in adjoining cells.

[+] If a displayed text is only partially visible, GS-Calc now displays small markers in the bottom left and/or right cell corners instead of inserting the “…” sequence into the (middle of the) text.

[+] An optional date picker and calendar displayed when editing dates. You can turn it on/off via the “Options > Settings > Use date picker” option. The “Editing and filling cells” help section contains a list of key shortcuts used with that controls.

[+] Some minor changes regarding handling date formats and using the “Insert > Date” commands in non-US Windows.

[+] Fixed problem with adding comments for some textual (returning labels) formulas.