GS-Calc 20.6 has been released.

New features in GS-Calc 20.6:

  • The use of binary searching in the enhanced VLOOKUP and MATCH
    functions have been significantly improved.
    The first update that creates the internal sorting indexes required
    by this fast method is now from two times to the number of times
    equal to the number of processors cores faster than in the previous
  • You can now specify that the standard VLOOKUP and MATCH functions
    in a given workbook should use the fastest binary searches without
    any modifications in the spreadsheet.
    This can result in tens of times faster updating.
    Similarly, you can set these standard function variants to use
    regular expressions and specific sorting.
    To use the above feature, use the “Tools > Update Options” command
    that overwrite the global settings for the current workbook.

  • The delay associated with entering look-up formulas for very large
    has been removed.
    In general the above features should significantly increase
    the performance of GS-Calc.

GS-Calc vs Excel:

It will eventually depend on the Excel version/type,
but the comparison can suggest the following
(for large data sets still within the 1M Excel limit):

  • Loading large text files should be around 10-20 times faster
    in GS-Calc than in Excel.

  • Copying/pasting/filling large data blocks should be on average
    from several times faster in GS-Calc. For blocks containing
    formulas this can increase to tens of times or more.

  • Performing VLOOKUP and MATCH for newly pasted/entered data
    in large data sets can be executed from several times and up
    (possibly hundreds of times) faster in GS-Calc.

  • GS-Calc workbooks saved in its binary file format are a few times
    (and up) smaller than files in the Excel XLSB binary file format
    and can be accordingly loaded faster.

  • A number of help topics has been updated or added, e.g.:

Notational conventions (numbers, formulas, dates)
Ensuring high performance
Match() function
Updating options