GS-Calc 20.4.1 has been released.

New features in GS-Calc 20.4.1:

  • The maximum amount of data in one worksheet has been increased from about 32GB to about 500GB.
    The number of formulas in one worksheet is unlimited (previously around 4 billions).
    The performance has been improved by several percent.
  • The “copy As HTML” command has been added. It copies a range of cells as an HTML code. You can paste that copied Clipboard data directly to any HTML page/data in other applications as one continuous block. The copied HTML data displayed in Web browsers look the same as in the worksheet window, including styles and formatting except for the text rotation. Also, the “accounting” numeric style requires that you use (for the related cells) in GS-Calc some font from the fixed-width font family, like Courier New.
    Worksheet example:
    The same in a web browser:
  • Significantly increased speed of copying/pasting large data blocks (e.g. with millions of cells/formulas).

Copying cells vs duplicating copied cells

Using AutoScroll Range to automatically move between cells

Selecting functions to display within the table toolbar and related

Hiding view elements / maximizing the table view display areas

Cross-highlighting columns/rows for better readability

Using the Dark Mode

Creating mini-charts in cells

Inserting images, files in worksheets

Images and lists of images in cells