GS-Calc 18 has been released

Changes in this version (July 1, 2022):

  • Drawing 2D charts with large data series has been significantly optimized. For example, for 0.5 million data points with a proper category axis “interval” value drawing charts should be 30-40 times faster (which means instant) and even more for larger series. At the same time such charts should be more readable and all data peaks remain exact and clearly visible.
  • Improved category axes. If no category labels are specified, the “interval” and (inner) “divisor” axis parameters are now active and apply to the data point cardinal numbers, same as for XY charts. Charts can use up to 32 axes with individually set parameters and styles or as shared axes and any axis can be displayed in the “dual” mode.
  • 2D Pie charts can be mixed with any other 2D chart.
  • Selecting colors for pie charts (and for individual data points on any chart type in general) has been improved. You no longer need to press the “Apply” button individually after adding each new color.
  • Adding new series has been improved: chart classes for new series are now always automatically set based on the recently selected series. Various 2D charts can be easily mixed by simple changing any series chart class.
  • A fix: previously, user-defined Y-grid lines caused turning off existing user-defined X-grid lines.
    Now you can easily define up to 16 vertical and horizontal chart custom grid lines at the same time using
    various styles and modes, statically or based on some worksheet cell values.