GS-Calc 18.4 has been released.

New features in this version:

  • The default underlying GS-Calc *.gsc file format has been changed form the standard Windows ZIP to ZIP64.
    For compatibility reasons, when saving workbooks that can be used in older versions of GS-Calc and when saving xlsx and ods files (which are also ZIP32’s) users can switch back to the older ZIP32.

ZIP64 bypasses the standard ZIP limitations: 2GB max. file size and up to approx. 64K streams (worksheets, images) in one file. The ZIP64 *.gsc file sizes can be virtually unlimited.
Loading a GS-Calc *.gsc over 4GB file with over 500 million random floating point numbers and text strings (8 worksheets, ~12 million rows each) should take around 10-30s on a computer with 16GB RAM or more.

Status bar zip options:

  • Inserting files - you can insert any number of (non-executable) files (up to 4GB each). They are displayed as the associated app icons with file names, sizes and the last modification dates.
    If there are any files inserted in a given workbook file, older GS-Calc versions will display a message that a newer version is required to open that workbook.

Sample screen with inserted files:

  • Creating backups when saving GS-Calc workbooks. After checking the “Settings > Options > General > Create backups (…)” option when saving an already exiting workbook, its previous version is preserved and renamed by adding the .bak extension.