GS-Calc 17.9 has been released

Changes in this version (5/15/2022):

  • Exchanging data with GS-Base via the *.xls format:
  • A number of various changes and fixes to the “Excel 2003 XML” format to ensure it enables transferring all the applicable data between GS-Calc and the latest Excel versions.
  • Added (explicitly) the “Custom” number style category.
  • The “Text” style behavior has been changed to conform to how it’s used in Excel.
  • The (Settings > Editing >) “Evaluate expressions without leading =” option has been added. When entering a formula without “=” it causes inserting its value (a number/text/array result).
  • Fixes concerning ignoring some cell border width attributes in the OpenDocument *.ods format.

5/17/2022 - Update

  • The “Data” menu name in the “Monte Carlo Simulation” pane was renamed to “Results” (along with its menu item) to make using this function more intuitive (and/or understandable).

5/21/2022 - Update

  • Fixed conflict between the “Evaluate expressions without leading =” option and auto-formatting and inserting dates.
  • Selecting the above option in the “Settings” dialog box additionally displays more information on how it can be used.

5/23/2022 - Update

  • A fix: the Datevalue(“”) functions returns 0, instead of the correct “#value!” error.
  • A fix: the “IF” functions required Boolean condition value (convert to one if necessary); for compatibility reasons, any non-zero 8-byte floating point number should be treated as the “true”, e.g. IF(1.0e-307, 1, 0) returns 1.