GS-Calc 17.6 has been released

Changes in this version:

  • The “Scripts” command on the “Find & Replace” toolbar can be used to perform quick multiple text replacing for the whole worksheet or selected ranges using regular expressions (RegEx).
  • Find and Replace Scripts dialog box
    The Help file contains various examples and you can find a lot of useful RegEx applications searching the Internet.
  • The RegEx menu used in GS-Calc to insert RegEx sequences easier has been extended to include the Unicode/Non-ASCII sequences as well.
  • RegEx menu
  • New icons and commands have been added to the toolbars:
  • The “Go To” and “Enter” toolbar buttons replace the previous construction that was difficult to use and not intuitive. The updated functions enable moving and performing selections easily.
  • The “fx” and “+” toolbar buttons are now a new formula composer and replace the previous construction that had very limited functionality.
  • Showing and hiding the worksheet tree pane and the pane with notes, bookmarks, pivot tables etc. is now easier with the new toolbar buttons:
  • The “Find & Replace toolbar > Options > Search Range/Worksheet” options have been removed as they might be difficult to track/notice and use search ranges adequately. In GS-Calc 17.6 selecting a range of cells automatically limits the searching and replacing procedure to that range. Clicking a worksheet (any cell) invalidates the active search range and searching is performed within the whole worksheet till a new selection is made. Changing search/replace options or text strings also initiates a new search with the current (new) selection.
  • The new “Update” toolbar button, the “Manage Bookmarks” menu attached to the “Add Bookmark” button.
  • The amount of memory used by the “Replace All” command to enable the Undo action has been minimized. (Previously the allocated memory was proportional to the whole table, which might make it difficult to use.)