GS-Calc 17.4 has been released

Changes in this version:

  • A new alternative spell checking engine (Hunspell) which is now available in GS-Calc. As the free high quality dictionaries are widely available for this engine, users can now check spelling for all popular languages and create their own dictionaries.
    For more information about installing Hunspell dictionaries, creating custom dictionaries etc., please see the updated help file or view the corresponding page online:
    Sample screen shots:
  • Each dictionary, either the Windows system dictionary or Hunspell dictionaries can be extended dynamically. Words added by users are saved in the specified folders in easily editable text files.
  • Multi-language spell checking is now available by specifying the font language in the “Cell Format” dialog box.

Please note that when GS-Calc/GS-Base file names are changed (due to the version number update) Microsoft Defender/Edge will keep on displaying a cryptic message that the downloaded file:

“was blocked because it could harm your device”

with the explanation hidden deeper in its options:

“Microsoft Defender SmartScreen reported that this app is not commonly downloaded; you should only open files you trust”

In doubtful cases you may consider using numerous online scanning services instead.