GS-Calc 17.3 has been released

Changes in this version:

  • A number of new functions has been added to the COM interfaces and the help file now includes their full list along with examples how to use them in users own client programs (which was not documented in the recent versions).
  • Sample code:
  • New COM functions/methods include new methods for inserting data, for example: [Get|Insert]NumberRC(), [Get|Insert]TextRC(), [Get|Insert]FormulaRC() etc.
    They can be used instead the [Get|Insert]Data() method when filling large worksheets. They don’t perform auto-formatting, activating the undo and auto-repainting the screen (which is usually not needed in such cases). If the client app is a compiled program as in the above examples, they will perform up to several hundred times faster than the older [Get|Insert]Data().
  • An additional “regular expression” flag was added to the “find()” function: SEARCH::RegExStr.
    If it’s specified, instead of the index the function returns the substring that matches the pattern.
    For example:
    =find(“\w\d{2,3}”, “abc4567ghr”, 1, SEARCH::RegEx) returns 3
    =find(“\w\d{2,3}”, “abc4567ghr”, 1, SEARCH::RegExStr) returns “c456”
  • Minor updates like: shortcuts related to the “After pressing Enter” options in the “Settings” dialog box, setup improvements, faster screen redrawing in some cases.

Please note that when GS-Calc/GS-Base file names are changed (due to the version number update) Microsoft Defender/Edge will keep on displaying a cryptic message that the downloaded file:

“was blocked because it could harm your device”

with the explanation hidden deeper in its options:

“Microsoft Defender SmartScreen reported that this app is not commonly downloaded; you should only open files you trust”

In doubtful cases you may consider using numerous online scanning services instead.