GS-Calc 16.8 has been released

Changes in this version:

  • A number of new pivot table function have been added:
    • geometric and harmonic means,
    • variances and standard deviations,
    • counting specific numbers,
    • counting strings based on regular expressions,
    • kurtosis,
    • skewness,
    • most frequently occurring numbers and strings.
      To maximize performance, (most of) the pivot functions can make use
      of up to 64 processor cores.
  • Added optional chi-square tests for generated pivot tables.
    Sample screen:
    (Hints: tables must specify the “Grand total” column and row; if there are not any column fields, the expected test chi2 values are assumed to be uniformly distributed.)
  • Sort ranges and keys can be saved and re-used easily.
  • In the IF() functions now only one of the two conditional parameters is evaluated. Previously both were calculated so in this update IF() functions will be proportionally faster.
  • The chitest() function now returns P(X > c^2) instead of the P(X < c^2). The “Settings > Legacy Compatibility” option enables preserving the previous behavior.

March 30, 2018 - 16.8.3 Update

  • Data copied to the Clipboard is now available after closing a given workbook and/or GS-Calc.

November 23, 2018 - 16.8.4 Update

  • The “Replace/All” commands couldn’t be used to replace empty cells. In this update the “Find/Find All/Replace/Replace All” commands can be used find and replace empty cells and to delete cells containing specific values.