GS-Calc 16.5 has been released

Changes in this version:

  • Added new “IFs” functions:
  • percentileIfs(), percentileAIfs()
    • averageIfs(), averageAIfs()
    • geoMeanIfs(), geoMeanAIfs()
    • harMeanIfs(), harMeanAIfs()
    • medianIfs(), medianAIfs()
    • maxIfs(), maxAIfs()
    • minIfs(), minAIfs()
    • varIfs(), varAIfs()
    • varpIfs(), varpAIfs()
    • stddevIfs(), stddevAIfs()
    • stddevpIfs(), stddevpAIfs()
    • modeIfs(), modeAIfs()
      The above functions offer much better performance than their non-IFs variants combined with nested array plain IF’s functions. The details concerning their usage, returned error codes and examples are available in the “Formula” dialog box.
  • Users can create a simple zip archive of text files (tables) which will be opened as GS-Calc workbooks with usual worksheet folders. The import options are specified as *.xml zip streams so no interaction is required during importing/opening.
  • The “Settings > Options > General > Hide cell markers” option now also applies to printing (and specifies whether formula markers should be visible on the printout).
  • The (missing) “<>” operator has been added to all IFs functions.
  • Minor bug fixes.