GS-Calc 15 has been released

Changes in this version:

  • Improvements and fixed issues concerning the ODF *.ods file format. (GS-Calc had problems with displaying charts and drop-down lists in *.ods files created by other spreadsheets and *.ods files saved by GS-Calc often couldn’t be opened correctly by some popular spreadsheets.) Internally, drop-down lists are now saved/stored as validation rules.
  • When saving *.ods files GS-Calc displays a list of possible compatibility issues resulting from the use of features (e.g. more than two chart axes, more than 1 mln rows etc.) that might not be processed correctly in other spreadsheets.

  • Shared chart axes. You can specify any x- or y-axis to be used by multiple series and the “shared” displayed data range will be calculated automatically. Previous versions required you to specify “manually” the same axis parameters for each axis in such a group and leaving only one of them visible.

  • Various new parameters and configuration/display options concerning chart data series, axes, chart walls (e.g. axes without labels, labels without axes, separate error bar styles) and fixes.
  • After selecting a chart and printing it, it’s now printed either using it’s original size or it’s scaled proportionally to fit to the printed page. GS-Calc 14.x always stretched a given chart “unproportionally” to fit to the whole page.
  • Merging cells. The “Merge Cells” and “Split Cells” commands have been added to the “Format” menu. The previously existing similar “Edit” menu commands have been renamed to “Merge Cell Contents” and “Split Cell Contents”.

  • The “Insert Copied Cells” command has been added to the “Edit” menu.
  • Additional confirmations are now required before executing the “File > Reload”, “File > Save As” (to a non-spreadsheet format, which results in stripping off formatting etc.) and “Inspect Cells > Remove All” commands.
  • The “Find & Add” menu in the “Inspect Cells” pane contains three more commands/categories: “Merged Cells”, “Cells With Validation Rules”, “Protected Cells”, “Not Printed Cells”.
  • Added two new help topics concerning merging cells and the “Inspect Cells” pane/commands usage.
  • Two new help topics concerning merging cells and the “Inspect Cells” pane/commands usage.
  • Changed the way references are modified via the “Insert Cells” and “Remove Commands” commands. (Previously: similarly to the Copy/Paste operations. Now: similarly to the Insert Column/Row operations.)