GS-Calc 11 has been released

New features and changes:

[+] GS-Calc 11 supports both JScript and VBScript scripting engines. Scripts can be both global (stored in the
configuration/settings file) and local (stored in workbooks). Scripts are stored in a tree-like structure which should
allow you to manage them with ease.

[+] Significantly improved compatibility with *.ods files saved by Excel 2010 / 2013:

  • When using optional formula parameters using explicitly the blank
    parameters is not longer required. Previously this caused the #SYNTAX!
    errors when opening *.ods files saved by Excel.
  • Named ranges. (At the moment they can be managed by scripting only.)
  • Changes in the behavior of some functions (SUM, INDEX, MATCH) to ensure better Excel
    compatibility. The previous state can be restored with
    the “Settings > Legacy Compatibility” command.
  • Modified data styles to accept all complex/mixed data styles etc.

[+] Regular expressions in “Find & Replace” and in several formulas including Find(), Replace(), vLookUp(), hLookUp()
and Match(). (For the details and examples, please see the respective help section).

[+] A new, improved “Find & Replace” toolbar.

[+] Dragging and Dropping can be used to open files in any of the available formats.

[+] Modified column/row resizing. The screen update is now instant.

[+] Double-clicking column and row headings re-sizes them to fit the maximum width and height of the cells they contain.

[+] Fixed problem concerning slow cell selection (and scrolling) in very large worksheets.
This was caused by the table toolbar statistics calculation and could be improved only
by turning off the individual sections of that toolbar. Right now the selected toolbar functions are calculated
in the background process.

[+] Modified and improved setup.

[+] A significant number of bug fixes and minor improvements.