GS-Calc 11.4 has been released

Changes and bug fixes:

  • During the installation GS-Calc incorrectly/unnecessary caused Windows 7/8.x to ask for permission elevation even though GS-Calc doesn’t perform any action requiring administrator permissions.

  • Under certain circumstances subsequent setting, adding and deleting cell background images could cause crashing or could cause displaying a write error when using the binary *.gsc format.

  • The height of edit controls in dialog boxes has been increased to align the attached “up-down” controls in Windows 7/8.x better.

  • Fixed bug that occurs when opening a text file which contains such quoted cells that there are leading and/or trailing spaces respectively between the opening quotation mark and the previous cell separator symbol and between the closing quotation mark and the next cell separator symbol.

  • Fixed bug that occurs when the last cell of a given imported text file is quoted. In such a case that cell was displayed in GS-Calc along with the quotation marks.

  • The option of importing “escaped” character in text files has been added. The escape symbol can be specified in the “Open Text File” dialog box.

  • The corresponding uninstall section for GS-Calc in the “Control Panel” now contains more detailed information about GS-Calc.

  • The setup was partially modified which includes removing the the *.gsc file type registration and COM registration from the setup options. These optional Windows registry modifications are now performed via the “Settings > Register (…)” commands when GS-Calc is launched with administrator permissions.

22 November - 11.4.1 Update

The following bugs have been fixed in this update:

  • The “display factor” option for the “general” and “currency” data styles is ignored when it’s used to format chart axis labels.

  • Handling user-defined data styles has been improved.

29 November - 11.4.2 Update

The following bug has been fixed in this update:

  • If the selected chart data and options result in displaying over 65,536 gridlines or axis “ticks” for one data series / chart axis, GS-Calc will freeze for some longer time and eventually will run out of memory.