GS-Calc 11.3 has been released

Changes and bug fixes:

  • The “Cell Style” dialog box now uses a drop-down list to specify the negative data style. The “with-minus-and-in-red” option was added.

  • The “general” and “currency” styles can use the “display factor” property (which scales down the displayed numbers by the power of 1000).

  • The “Recent Files” menu/list has been (additionally) attached to the “Open” toolbar button. The list now contains two sections: “Recent Files” and “Recent Folders”.

  • The new “View > Splitter Line Width” menu enables you to modify the width of the splitter lines separating various panes in a workbook window.

  • Selected cells are now rendered with darker/“dimmed” colors (no color inversion is performed). The flickering associated with selecting has been reduced.

  • Added option to reset the creation parameters in the “Statistics” dialog box.

  • Added tooltips for all toolbar buttons (as some buttons didn’t have them previously).

  • Fixed bug concerning editing charts: if (1) some chart formatting property was changed in the “chart property” dialog box and (2) the “Save” command was performed without closing that dialog box and (3) further chart formatting was performed, GS-Calc crashes.

  • Fixed bug concerning saving to PDFs: if a chart uses a data series with a large number of data points (+ several thousands), GS-Calc crashes when executing that “Save to PDF” command.

  • Fixed problem with bad font quality for text in selected cells if the ClearType mode is turned on.

    21 October - 11.3.1 Update

The following bugs have been fixed in this update:

  • Fixed bug which occurs when formatting very large cell ranges that occupy +50% of the free memory. (The max. limits for the 32-bit GS-Calc are: 2GB in 32bit OS and 4GB in 64bit OS). Under certain circumstances this bug could cause crashing when GS-Calc allocates the “Undo” buffer for that formatting action.
    To change the font (or any other formatting property) for the whole worksheet it might be more convenient to use “Format > Cell Style Palette > Edit Style Properties” (of the default style).

  • Solved problem with very slow font property modifications for cell ranges with a large number of rows. Such formatting should be tens of times faster now.

  • Solved problem with table status line updating and calculations: when closing a workbook immediately after some very large range (tens of millions of cells or more) was selected GS-Calc displayed information about pending update, not specifying which update that message refers to.
    As table stats calculation doesn’t concern the workbook contents, this type of updates are now terminated automatically when closing workbooks.

    26 October - 11.3.2 Update

The following bugs have been fixed in this update:

  • A bug that occurs if you select a very large range of non-empty cells (in practice, at least several millions), then quickly - before the top table/view information field gets updated - execute the “Save” command using the .gsc format. In this scenario GS-Calc will crash.
    This bug concerns only the .gsc file format. It doesn’t occur for the .ods or any of the remaining formats. It also doesn’t occur if the stats pane of that top table/view information field is hidden/turned off or limited to the fast counting functions only.
    It’s also unlikely to occur when using relatively fast computers as those statistical functions are updated more or less instantly.

  • A bug that occurs if the chart data series field specifies a formula which contains references to worksheet cells which contain other formulas. In this case, after opening a file containing such a chart, you had to perform some editing action (or explicitly use the “Update” command) to redraw that chart as initially it displayed a series of zero values.

  • A bug that occurs if you open a file with some selected range of cells. In such a case the stats functions within the top table/view information field/toolbar initially contained zero/null values and you had to perform some action to refresh them for the first time.