GS-Calc 11.1 has been released

New features and changes:

  • Increased maximum memory usage up to 4GB in 64bit systems (which is the maximum value for a 32bit application; the previous limit was 2GB for both 32- and 64-bit systems).

  • Displaying open/save progress dialog boxes for all available file formats when saving/opening files.

  • Support for UTF-16 Unicode text files.

  • Significantly reduced memory usage when loading text files.

  • New “Edit > Paste As Text” command causing inserting all cells as text.

  • New “Parse Dates in formatted cells only” setting in the “Options” dialog box (causing converting of the entered date/time strings to date/time serial numbers only in cells that are formatted as date/time).

  • New “Open Text File” dialog box showing file data sample and the list of recently used fixed column widths.

  • Removing trailing spaces in the “fixed column width” text files.

  • Saving more parameters (including all recently used settings from the “Open Text File” and “Save Text File” dialog boxes) to the profile/settings file.

  • Significantly reduced memory usage when inserting and deleting columns and rows.

  • Significantly increased speed of inserting and deleting columns and rows for very large files.

  • Automatic undo buffer freeing/resetting when performing some editing action and the “out-of-memory” state is encountered.

  • Increased GS-Calc “responsiveness” when editing cells in very large files. (Editing with Auto-update “on” and “off” should now look more or less the same.)

  • Layout changes in the “Options” dialog box.

  • Bug fixes and other minor changes.

    28 June - GS-Calc 11.1.2 Update:

The following bug has been fixed in this update:

  • If the “Format Cell” dialog box is displayed, some problems with capturing the mouse cursor might occur which eventually results in problems with selecting a range of cells using the left mouse button.

7 July - GS-Calc 11.1.3 Update:

The following bugs have been fixed in this update:

  • Fixed bug that might cause crashing after the “Undo” command applied after the “Paste” action where the source block “overflowed” the max. worksheet dimensions.

  • Improved/corrected fraction style formatting. Previously the displayed fractional representations of numbers might not be rounded optimally when using the “fixed number of denominator digit” mode.

  • Fixed bug concerning the “?” spacing mask when using custom number styles. In some cases it might not cause removing the “non-meaningful” zeroes as expected (which resulted, for example, in displaying both the dash “-” and “0” for zero values formatted using the “Accounting” style).

  • Reduced flickering in the “Cell Format” dialog box when scrolling/selecting cells.

  • Updating scroll bar positions after Undo.

  • Improved selecting columns/rows. (Previously if the dragged mouse cursor was moved outside the window when selecting column/row headers, the selection wasn’t updated until the cursor was placed back inside the main window.)