GS-Base 8.2 has been released.

Main new features and changes:

[+] New printing options: improved label printing, new print setup.

[+] GS-Base can now use an optional *.gsb file extension for its database *.zip files.

[+] Improved object/image (inserting and) handling.

[+] More format types displayed as graphics in binary fields.

[+] Entering both formatted and unformatted numbers and dates
as filters in the “Search” dialog box.

[+] Using the “Equal” searching mode as the default mode for numeric fields.

[+] A new “Edit > Convert Field > Replace Substrings” command performing table-based, batch character/substring substitutions for all records at once.

[+] Significantly smaller setup file size after removing the older, previously bundled graphics/jpeg library.

[+] Various bug fixes.