GS-Base 8.1 has been released.

Main new features and changes:

[+] Using multiple proc. cores when filtering records and updating calculated fields. The number of cores (that GS-Base is allowed to use) can be specified in the “Options dialog” box. (+1 core = +~100% faster.)

[+] Significant speed improvements concerning the “cross-table” functions (10-15x for plain pattern searches and much more for the vlookup_ex non-pattern searches where binary searches can be applied).

[+] New cross-table functions.

[+] New “Edit > Convert > String To Standard Date String” command.

[+] The “Wrap text” alignment option now changes the way the standard fields are edited. The edit control switches over to the multline edit mode and performs wrapping also without using Ctrl+End.

[+] Various bug fixes.