GS-Base 8.0 has been released.

Main new features and changes:

[+] A new file format: GS-Base 8.0 uses *.zip files containing tables of records as plain comma-delimited *.txt files, memo fields as either *.txt or *.rtf documents and inserted images and files in their own native formats. The self-describing structure of zip-subfolders enables you to easily and safely view and modify those zip archives even without GS-Base (which includes modifying records, adding/deleting tables, memos, images and files that can be inserted by a simple drag-and-drop operations). Those zip files can also store any number of files not used to GS-Base.

[+] 12 million rows.

[+] Pivot tables. (Up to 12 million rows x 2047 columns.)

[+] Form views, better configurable splitters.

[+] New formulas in calculated fields: cross-table summarizing and counting.

[+] Definable and searchable record flags.

[+] Stronger (standard) encryption protecting contents of every field type.

[+] Significantly increased speed of many functions.

[+] A lot of improvements concerning editing functions.

[+] Better file shortcut support for both plain text and binary (“Images/Files”) fields.