GS-Base 21 has been released

New features in GS-Base 21:

  • You can now open multiple databases at once and use can use a tabbed interface
    with several options, like the positions of the tabs, whether to enlarge the tabs
    and display file icons etc.

  • In addition to the 60 built-in file icons, you can add your own to associate them
    with given files and to display them in the RU window and on tabs. These can
    be any pictures in the supported file formats. If their size is not 32x32, they
    will be scale up or down accordingly.

  • GS-Base 21 enables you to save all the automatic search and sort indexes created when filtering tables and when recalculating calculated formulas, especially with various inter-table aggregation formulas that use binary searches and require such sort indexes.
    This update vastly improves how you use large databases because previously:
    (1) opening a database with active filters required waiting till the filtering
    is performed for the last used filter set,
    (2) after opening a database, performing the first inter-table calculation with various forms of lookup formulas required re-creating the internal sort indexes to enable binary searches.
    Whenever you’re opening a database both (1) and (2) could increase the actual total opening time by tens of seconds for large (e.g. with millions of rows and with some larger number of regex filters for many fields) tables. (*)
    With the new options (at the cost of slightly larger saved files) both the (1) and (2) steps will be skipped, and the databases will be displayed instantly after the database file is read.

(*) Technically, for each table you can save up 16,384 indexes in three versions each (depending on the sorting/language parameters, like both the case-sensitive and case-insensitive versions) and each one for up to 256 million records. However, the practical limit will be lower due to the RAM/paging limitations as one index entry (one record/row) uses 4 bytes.

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