GS-Base 20.4 has been released

GS-Base 20.4 corrects the following performance problems:

  • When browsing (scrolling) very large tables (e.g. with 10+ millions of records) that were sorted and the sort order significantly differed from the default order, scrolling/editing such a sorted table involved a noticeable lag. In this ver. 20.4 scrolling such tables is quick and smooth.
    Additionally, if you notice any lag when entering a new field value in multi-GB tables, increase the number of CPUs that GS-Base should use in the “Settings > Options > General” dialog box.

  • When formatting very large tables (e.g. with 10+ millions of records) using the available styles and pressing “Cancel” in the “Style” dialog box, the automatically executed “Undo” command could be extremely slow under certain circumstances (e.g. could take minutes to complete).

GS-Base 20.4.1 - update - 06-06-2024

  • Although it’s not possible to scroll beyond the last field in
    in a table, there was no safety check when clicking an empty
    column header and this resulted in selecting such an empty column.
    Opening the “Field Properties” dialog box for a non existing field
    caused crashes.

  • If you primarily insert shortcuts in binary fields using drag-and-drop,
    in the text settings.xml configuration file you can change the line:
    This will cause inserting links by default, without pressing SHIFT
    when dragging objects. Pressing the SHIFT key will cause inserting
    whole objects in that case.

  • Tip: if you run the setup file with the admin privileges using
    the “Run As” Windows command (e.g. to install GS-Base in the main
    “Program Files” folder), you should close the GS-Base instance
    started automatically by that setup and start it again with your
    default user privileges. Otherwise you won’t be able
    to drag-and-drop objects from non-admin locations (like the default
    user’s desktop).