GS-Base 20.2 has been released.

New features in GS-Base 20.2:

  • You can now turn off instant re-searching when entering field filters. This should be helpful and prevent unnecessary re-searching especially when entering relatively many filters (with the limit same as the field/column limit: 16K) for large data sets. After you enter them, you just use the command Search All Now (Ctrl+F9)

The Field Search Filter window:

The Tools menu:

  • You can now turn on/off the automatic field calculation procedure using the above Tools menu or clicking the “AUTO” status bar field:

It’ll save your time when you’re adding/deleting fields, transforming fields etc. for large tables with calculated fields. Previously every such action always resulted in recalculating of all fields. In GS-Base 20.2, when you’re done, you can simply use the command Update All (F9).

  • The Database Explorer context menu commands have been added to the View menu.

  • More details have been added to some help topics, e.g. to

“Calculated fields and entering formulas.”

“Notational conventions (numbers, formulas, dates)”

  • A fixed problem with slow performance when using the commands:
    Previous / next empty field (Ctrl+Up / Ctrl+Down)
    Previous / next identical field value (Ctrl+Alt+Up / Ctrl+Alt+Down)
    For tables with a few hundred thousand records, they started to slow down significantly.