GS-Base 17 has been released

Changes in this version:

  • COM interfaces.
    GS-Base 17 offers dual COM interfaces so all its core functions can be access programmatically from users applications.
    COM samples:
    The full list of interfaces:
  • Zip64/zip32 selection.
    GS-Base no longer displays messages about (the option of) converting the older standard zip to zip64 when opening databases. The status line simply displays an indicator which variant is in use and this can be switched in both directions at any time. If you try to save a standard zip (zip32) file with the amount of data that might exceed the zip32 limits, GS-Base will display a warning message.
  • Default setup folder changes
    When running the setup in with the admin rights the default installation folder is the “Program Files” folder (and only the individual
    users settings are saved to local users “program data” folders).
  • When using the “Find Duplicates” and “Find Filtered Duplicates” commands the current sort key (if exists) is permanently switched to the one relevant to these searches.

Bug fixes:

  • The field filters displayed above the field headers (for informational purposes) didn’t display non-ascii characters correctly.
  • When printing labels, they might be printed with thin borders that are intended to be used in the preview mode only.

Please note that when GS-Calc/GS-Base file names are changed (due to the version number update) Microsoft Defender/Edge will keep on displaying a cryptic message that the downloaded file:

“was blocked because it could harm your device”

with the explanation hidden deeper in its options:

“Microsoft Defender SmartScreen reported that this app is not commonly downloaded; you should only open files you trust”

In doubtful cases you may consider using numerous online scanning services instead.