GS-Base 17.8 has been released

Changes in this version:

  • Configurable forms. The default layout allows you to define the number of form columns, input field widths and heights, colors/fonts and other options. Multi-column forms enables you e.g. to view/inspect tens of fields at once.
  • Merging tables linked by any type of field relations: there can be multiple key values both in the primary table and in the merged table. Converting such linked tables into one physical table makes filtering, importing/exporting and further processing much easier. In the pre-17.8 GS-Base versions such functionality was merely partially available with calculated fields and the “cross-table” calculation function(s).
  • The “Short Toolbar” option that enables you to define and turn on a short version of the default main toolbar. This will help you to keep required toolbar buttons and the search keys combo box on screen when narrowing the program window.
  • Displaying progress dialog boxes when calculating the optimum column widths and row heights for opened/imported text, xBase and SQL tables. This takes place if the “Settings > Options > General > Auto-fit (…)” options are selected. Optimum column widths are based on the length of the record field contents and row heights on whether there are line-breaks in a given field.
    For very large data sets, especially under low-memory conditions, the table layout calculation time might be comparable to the loading time so this option enables you to control the process.

Other changes:

  • The build-in “IF” function in used in calculated fields required previously a strict Boolean condition value. For compatibility reasons, any non-zero 8-byte floating point number is now treated as the “true”, e.g. IF(1.0e-100, 1, 0) returns 1.
  • Minor GUI changes and improvements.

6/13/2022 - Update

  • A fix: double-clicking the table header column separator (which should result in auto-column width resizing) can result in terminating the program. (Auto-fitting the column width for more than one table column works correctly.)