GS-Base 17.5 has been released

Changes in this version:

  • New commands, toolbar buttons and new or changed icons on the toolbars making using GS-Base more comfortable. (Plus things like changing the (main) “Search” term to “Filter” and “Set Field Filter” names.)
  • The “Find-As-You-Type” option was removed from the “Find and Replace toolbar > Options” menu and added as a better accessible and visible combo box on the toolbar.
  • In addition to the above the third search mode was added: “Find Similar”. Basically it performs matching using the same method as spell-checkers and enables you to find misspelled words etc.
    The “Find and Replace toolbar > Options > Partial/Full matching” options determine whether substrings or full fields are searched for.
  • The “Find All” command on the “Find and Replace” toolbar applies to the standard and “Find Similar” searched modes and you can now select any range of columns/fields to search. (Previously all columns/fields were always searched).
  • A bug fix: after specifying a user custom format for dates the date picker was no longer displayed for such a field.