GS-Base 17.1 has been released

Changes in this version:

  • Long Text/Memo editing and formatting commands which previously required activating a context menu are now available via a new toolbar:
  • Multi-language spell checking can be now performed for both tables/forms and Long Text/Memo fields by specifying the font language in the “Font”
    dialog box:
  • The Help file has been updated to include descriptions of some functions added in recent versions and mentioned only in the forum announcements.

Please note that when GS-Calc/GS-Base file names are changed (due to the version number update) Microsoft Defender/Edge will keep on displaying a cryptic message that the downloaded file:

“was blocked because it could harm your device”

with the explanation hidden deeper in its options:

“Microsoft Defender SmartScreen reported that this app is not commonly downloaded; you should only open files you trust”

In doubtful cases you may consider using numerous online scanning services instead.