GS-Base 16.4 has been released

Changes in this version:

  • Improved syntax coloring for the “Code” field subtype. (Especially for the “c++” syntax and keywords.) Added the “c#” field subtype and the “assembler” field type (Intel/MASM style).
  • Vertical scrollbars in the tables views now reset their scrolling ranges based on the number of found/displayed records. (Previously the ranges always depended on the total number of records.)
  • Additional warning/information and options when a pasted block of cells exceeds the number of fields.
  • The “Open Text File” dialog box is re-opened automatically after encountering and reporting invalid UTF-8 characters (to enable users to switch to the ANSI character encoding easier).


  • After appending an empty “Code” field its syntax coloring is inactive till some text is entered and the field is reloaded/scrolled etc.
  • Switching between various “Code” subtype for one and the same field required re-opening the database or the respective font styles weren’t cleared correctly.
  • In certain circumstances during long scrolling of the table view by dragging the mouse cursor outside the program window GS-Base may stop responding.

January 17, 2020 - 16.4.1 Update

  • Scrollbars in the splitted table views were doubled when using synchronized scrolling. (This doesn’t affect any other functions.)