GS-Base 16.3 has been released

Changes in this version:

  • Creating and saving pivot table reports as new tables with automatically time-stamped names.

  • The “Copy Pivot Table” command has been added and the “Save As” command has been moved to the “Copy” menu as “Copy To File…”.
  • The string/error code displayed in pivot tables to denote #N/A! - “not available data”
    can be customized using a new option in the Pivot Table setup window.

  • The “Select All” command in the “Copy With Options” dialog box switches sequentially
    between three copied field selection ranges (original selection, all “on”, all “off”).

ver. 16.3.1 - 06/28/2019

  • A bug fix: calculated fields with formulas containing references to fields that use validation formulas are not recalculated.

ver. 16.3.2 - 08/24/2019

  • The “And:” field search filter has been changed not to require the “*” special character in strings. It causes searching for substrings by default now.