GS-Base 16.2 has been released

Changes in this version:

  • The “Copy With Options” command has been added as an alternative to the “Copy” command to enable more flexible copying (of both tables
    and forms) from GS-Base to other programs. The standard “Ctrl+C” shortcut is assigned interchangeably to one of these commands.

Sample screens with various copy settings and the resulting output in a spreadsheet and a text processor:

  • The “Copy” commands in the Pivot Tables pane are now attached to the “Copy” button. Two new options enable you to copy table field
    names, category names and formatted data.

  • The profile data can now be password-protected and encrypted. The profile data include all the global program settings and the list
    of the used databases.
    If the default profile is protected and no correct password is entered, GS-Base starts with a new temporary empty profile and prompt
    for the profile file name when terminating.