GS-Base 15 has been released.

Changes in this version:

  • A new “Code” field type (which is a code editor with syntax highlighting).

  • Spell checking is now available (in the 64-bit version) as a separate menu command (as opposed to the previous
    “always on” state in table/form cells and in “Long Text” fields) with the standard dialog box layout, language and spelling options. It’s available in tables, “Long Text” and “Code” fields and in the e-mail message editor.

  • A new field edit control to enter the data; improved displaying and printing of wrapped multiline plain “Text” fields in tables and forms. Separate “edit” and “enter” modes (where cursor keys complete editing); initial cursor position can be now determined by mouse double-clicking.
  • The “Find Flagged” command has been integrated with the “Search” dialog box (thus both filtering modes can be combined now).

  • Added new shortcuts to clear all search filters and to display all records: 2 x Esc (Esc pressed twice in a non-editing mode within less than 1s).

  • New, more convenient date/time insertion procedure (used in tables, forms, memo/code fields and in the e-mail message editor).

  • A new e-mail dialog box; highlighting embedded record fields; html code highlighting; bcc addresses; a test sending mode for bcc addresses.

  • A new sorting objects command has been added to the “Objects” context menu.

  • Multiple selection in drop-down lists is now available as an option. In the “single selection” mode lists work as previously.
    In the “multiple selection” mode users can use the Ctrl and Shift keys (and clicking) to select multiple list items or range of list items and the selection is accepted by pressing Enter or double-clicking.

  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes.