GS-Base 15.4 has been released.

Changes in this version:

  • A new alternative spell checking engine (Hunspell) which is now available both in the 32- and 64-bit versions. Like previously, the system spell checking functions can still be used in 64-bit Windows 8.x and later. For more information about the new spell checking options, installing Hunspell dictionaries, creating custom dictionaries etc., please see the updated help file or view the corresponding page online:

Sample screens:

  • A new “Field Setup” dialog box. It offers the following:
  • a list of fields of the current table - no need to close the dialog box to edit subsequent fields,
  • Undo/Redo available also after changing the record structure. (In the ver. 15.2 and earlier, such modifications in the “Field Setup” dialog box reset the undo buffer.)
  • Automatic recalculation of the whole table after any field modification (and after the corresponding undo actions).
  • A number of various minor editing improvements and cosmetic changes.

  • Fixed converting “Long Text”/“Memo” fields to plain “Text” fields. Such conversion left the initial UTF-8 3-byte sequence in the text fields. Although they where invisible, this could lead to searching problems for some search modes.
  • A not working clicked scrolling/up-down control in the binary field view if the tabs exceed the width of the view after adding multiple binary fields. (Switching and scrolling tabs via keys and table clicking works correctly.)
  • A fixed problem concerning ambiguity when inserting images/files if there are multiple “Images/Files” fields. Selecting a given binary field in a table took the precedence over the tab selection in the binary view. (Should be the opposite.)

December 10 - 15.4.1 Update

  • A fixed issue concerning a Hunspell dictionary path that couldn’t be changed (which could result in crashing after pressing F7).
  • A group of date-related commands (inserting next week, next month, previous week etc.) was inactive.

December 11 - 15.4.2 Update

  • The selected “System dictionary” option was not saved between sessions in the 64-bit version.