GS-Base 15.2 has been released.

Changes in this version:

  • Syntax highlighting/coloring has been added to the “Search” dialog box and to the “Find & Replace” toolbar. Text entered in the respective edit fields is now highlighted/colored according the regular expressions syntax if this default filtering mode is active. (Switching to the plain text searching turns that feature off.)
    The above should help users to avoid entering any Regex control characters and sequences accidentally which could result in unexpected searching results.

  • New “Insert” buttons and menus related to Regex have been added to the “Search” dialog box and to the “Find & Replace” toolbar. The menus contain (typically) most frequently used Regular Expression control characters along with their short descriptions.
    It should simplify the usage of Regex and make it easier to take the full advantage of the flexibility and strength of that searching mode.


  • When using the “Find & Replace” command, after switching the “Plain text” searching mode and when using the “Replace All” command, the confirming message box always shows “0” as the replacement counter.
  • The “Replace” command that replaces all occurrences of a given pattern in a single field no longer displays the confirming message box.