GS-Base 15.1 has been released.

Changes in this version:

  • A new “Insert Password” command enabling you to insert unique passwords (either as a series of any number of unique passwords, filling in the currently selected range of table fields or as single unique strings subsequently used in edited text/code/memo fields).
    There are several options that helps you to increase the probability that the generated passwords are unique. For typical settings, 8 character passwords should be unique within one to several millions generated case-sensitive passwords. (You can use the “Tools > Find Duplicates” command to verify that.)
    Generated passwords can contain Unicode characters but non-ascii characters should be used with care as some systems (especially various recovery systems) might not support them.

  • The “Separator” option has been added to the “Drop-down lists” dialog box to enable you to specify any separator (which also includes the “new line” separator and any strings up to 10 characters) for inserted drop-down list multiple selections.


  • When specifying some field as a source of the drop-down list contents, if that source field was in a table in another folder, then this selection was reset each time the “Drop-down Lists” dialog box was re-open and had to be re-selected again.
  • After specifying some field as a source of the drop-down list contents and when editing a given field, the displayed list’s width was equal to the width of that field instead of the width of the longest item it contains.
  • The “Tab” key was inactive in the “Code” field.