GS-Base 14 has been released

New features/modifications:

  • Optionally loading/saving only a specified range of records when editing xBase files.
  • New “Append modified memo fields to the existing memo file” option in the “Open xBase File” dialog box. It minimizes the number of bytes written when one chooses to save very large *.dbf + .fpt/.dbt database. Only modified memo fields are saved.
  • The option to turn on/off saving RTF text in xBase memo fields has been added to the “Open/Save xBase File” dialog boxes.
  • Added “IsEmpty()” filter.
  • Improved labels display (text truncations) in dialog boxes when running GS-Base in Linux with Wine.
  • The “Special” edit field in the Field Setup dialog box has been enlarged and formula validation has been added to that dialog box.
  • The “Save XML File” dialog box has been added. It enables you to choose fields to save and to specify whether formatting should be saved as XML attributes and XML tags.
  • When saving text and XML files Long Text/memo and images/files objects can be saved to an additional *.zip file and the respective file links will be saved in the corresponding text/XML file fields.
  • When opening files in formats other that gsb/.zip, GS-Base no longer requires the exclusive write access.
  • Remembering recently used “document folder” and “image folder” if the “Default Folder” is not defined.

Bug fixes:

  • The “After pressing Enter” option used in forms has been corrected.
  • The problem with the “selected records” printing option for non-table printing has been fixed.
  • The   HTML predefined symbol is no longer (incorrectly) saved when exporting XML files.
  • Fixed bug: exporting to XML files enables saving only up to 32KB text fields.
  • A mixed sequence of of drag-and-drop actions and undo/redo actions could lead to deleting the contents of the “Long Text”/Images field which was the target of the drop operation.
  • Pressing Del in the table view to delete the the entire “Long Text” field contents at once might require a few repetitions if the text contained spelling errors.

6 July - 14.0.3 Update

  • Fixed problem concerning resizing of the combo boxes and buttons embedded in the toolbars when using GS-Base in Windows XP.
  • Minor corrections regarding using GS-Base in Linux/Wine.