GS-Base 14.1 has been released


  • Inserting/dropping images/files directly in tables previously always caused opening the “binary” field view. This update adds a new check box in the “Settings” dialog box (“Auto-open the pane when files are inserted”) which makes that auto-opening optional.

Bug fixes/modifications:

  • Thumbnails in the “binary” view pane were always based on some fixed size value (as in the previous versions), even if some custom value was specified.
  • Opening the “binary” view pane is now not possible if a given database doesn’t contain Long Text or Images/Files fields.
  • When inserting an object, if there were multiple images/files fields, that object was always inserted into the 1st one, even if you select another one.
  • When inserting an object, the “Choose Binary Field” dialog box enabling you to choose the binary field wasn’t displayed if there’re some existing images/files fields in the table. Currently that dialog box is also displayed whenever the insert/drop operation occurs for a non-object field.